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Anonymous picture

pretentious crap

Anonymous picture

That successfully launched a multi-million dollar career, so it clearly worked. Without this film, you wouldn't have any of his (much better) later work.

Anonymous picture
Iya Oyun Oyeku Meji

Alas, I am too old to bother with captions...they're never on the screen long enough for me to read.

Anonymous picture
Ean James

Surprisingly good film. Feels like Pan's Labyrinth scaled back with a bit more cheese (not a bad thing though).

Anonymous picture

To think this was a debut - it's a huge undertaking and so well crafted.
Think of how different this WORLD is right from the start - the words "merry Christmas" upside down in reflection - we're not in our usual world.
So good.

Lauren avatar

What an amaxing and unique first feature. Even though it's much smaller then his later films his style and imagination are very apparent here. Ron Pearman is fantastic as always. I was recently lucky enough to see art from this film and his early notebooks at the "At Home with Monsters" ...Read more